It’s a Pizza Monday!


It was a Pizza Monday at Mark’s this week!

On the menu was:

  • Goat Cheese, Pesto, and Mozza Pizza
  • Pepperoni, Bacon, and Double Cheese.

It was my first time making homemade pizza with bacon, but since it’s probably the best meat out there, I knew I needed to give it a whirl. Thankfully, Farmland delivered another outstanding package of thick-sliced, tasty bacon for the pizza!

To craft you’re version of these pies, all you need is:

  • dough! (from a deli, or pizza crust from the supermarket will suffice)
  • goat cheese (1 tub)
  • 1 can of basil pesto
  • a bag of shredded mozza and cheddar
  • Fresh pepperoni.
  • 1 pkg of thick-sliced bacon (necessary brand is Farmland if you’re American or live here!)

and you’re good to go! Bake it at 450 for 8-10 minutes, or until crust is as you like it!

There were also some obstacles in the way this week, as Maria’s Deli (small Italian deli and market in town, amazing proscuitto and mozza sandwich!!!!) was out of their fresh pizza dough.

So, rather than give up all hope, drown in despair, and change the menu, I simply drove up the road to Ralphs and picked up 3 packages of pizza crust. Naturally, it didn’t quite compare to homemade dough, but I thought it still passed!

This was a special Mondays as well because we had “the family” over. Let me introduce you:

From left: Baloo, Burt Reynolds, Trebek, and Terd Ferguson.

This is “the family”: Baloo, Burt, Trebek and Terd. They came over just about every week for Mondays at Mark’s last semester, but we haven’t had them all out together since December. This group of men (contrary to what you may think after viewing the picture above) are hilarious, and great friends of Tara and I. We’ve really come to cherish the time that we’ve had with this crew as we’ve got to eat dinner and hang out . We’ve definitely grown to love them all very deeply, and will miss them next year after we move home!

Here are some pics of our short, but sweet time together last Monday!

Well… what a wonderful Monday! Wouldn’t you say?

Return soon, as we have another great Mondays coming up in a few days!




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